Kids Art Exploration

Welcome! When I was little, art class was my favorite. Nothing compared to the excitement I felt when my art teacher explained a new project. Below are projects – I designed – that I hope you will be excited to try!

Art Fundamentals

Color Wheel worksheet | Homeschool Art Lesson

The Color Wheel

This printable Color Wheel Activity Worksheet is a great way to learn about color. The two page pdf includes one full color Color Wheel - a great reference tool! Also included is a black and white activity sheet. Fill in the colors and learn about the primary colors, secondary colors, and complementary colors.

I've been painting for over 10 years and I refer to my color wheel almost daily!

Seasonal Projects


Beginner kids Winter Watercolor art project



Watercolor Projects

Watercolor is my favorite medium! I love the way the colors bleed and blend. It's magical. Give it a try!

Printable Watercolor Projects

Watercolor Video Lessons

Coloring Pages

rainbow coloring page

Fall leaves coloring page kids activity

When I was little coloring was my favorite thing to do! I have a collection of seasonal and holiday coloring pages for you to have fun with!

Paper Quilt Projects

Patriotic USA Paper Quilt Printable Craft Kit

My Story

Even though I LOVED art as a child, I lost confidence in my abilities and didn't create anything for almost 20 years! Finally, I took a few classes and then practiced a lot. With all this practice, my art skills improved and I was inspired to create more and more. I started designing projects and sharing them on my blog. These days I have the pleasure of sharing my love of art at a kids' art studio. I love designing projects for the kids, inspiring them and showing them that with practice they CAN do it.

I hope you find a project here to inspire you!