Kids Art Exploration - Fun Seasonal Art Projects

Welcome! When I was little, art class was my favorite. Nothing compared to the excitement I felt when my art teacher explained a new project. Below are projects – I designed – that I hope you will be excited to try!

Art Fundamentals

Color Wheel worksheet | Homeschool Art Lesson

The Color Wheel

This printable Color Wheel Activity Worksheet is a great way to learn about color. The two page pdf includes one full color Color Wheel - a great reference tool! Also included is a black and white activity sheet. Fill in the colors and learn about the primary colors, secondary colors, and complementary colors.

I've been painting for over 10 years and I refer to my color wheel almost daily!

Seasonal Projects

Watercolor Projects

Watercolor is my favorite medium! I love the way the colors bleed and blend. It's magical. Give it a try!

Printable Watercolor Projects

Watercolor Video Lessons

Watercolor Painting Video Lesson Ice Cream Cones

Coloring Pages

When I was little coloring was my favorite thing to do! I have a collection of seasonal and holiday coloring pages for you to have fun with!

rainbow coloring page

Fall leaves coloring page kids activity

Paper Quilt Projects

Patriotic USA Paper Quilt Printable Craft Kit

Valentine's Day Paper Quilt Printable Craft Kit

My Story

Even though I LOVED art as a child, I lost confidence in my abilities and didn't create anything for almost 20 years! Finally, I took a few classes and then practiced a lot. With all this practice, my art skills improved and I was inspired to create more and more. I started designing projects and sharing them on my blog. These days I have the pleasure of sharing my love of art at a kids' art studio. I love designing projects, inspiring beginners and showing them that with practice they CAN do it.

I hope YOU find a project here to inspire you!