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This book is for anyone who wants to inject creativity into their life: regular creativity, where almost every day you take creative action; every week you have a project in the works; and you’re excited about what you’re working on or the new thing you’re trying.
You might be saying, “I want that, but I’m not talented enough.” Realize that talent is just a starting point. Creativity is for everyone. It’s meditative and therapeutic to put lines on a page, strokes on a canvas, to mold clay into something, etc. It doesn’t matter what the end result looks like.
What's in this book?
  • A step by step process for introducing regular creativity for six weeks and beyond. Worksheets for taking stock of your creative goals, history, past hurdles.
  • Worksheet for organizing and prioritizing all of your creative ideas.
  • Over 30 creative tips to keep you on track.
  • A detailed process for introducing you to different mediums – with flexibility for your interests.
Would you like to:
Be creative on a regular basis and experience the joy that creativity brings?
Explore art mediums and subjects, in search of your thing?
Creative Exploration is for you!
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