"Let's Paint Paris in Watercolor"

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“Let's Paint Paris in Watercolor" is a self guided 4 week program aimed at inspiring regular watercolor painting and learning through virtual immersion into the city of Paris!


  1. Welcome PDF - watercolor basics, including setup, as well as what to expect during the program. Printable calendar to track painting days. Download the pdf after check out.
  2. Access to the Let’s Paint Paris web pages with links to each week’s materials. Login information will be included in the Welcome PDF (available after check out.)
  3. Four Weekly Lessons include:
  • The weekly theme
  • Weekly tips on painting in watercolor
  • Five daily prompts within the theme, with information about each prompt
  • Links to learn more about each prompt
  • A collection of reference photos to paint from on the “Let’s Paint Paris” Pinterest board
  • Process Videos - Watch and learn my watercolor process for painting each prompt! Five videos each week! Please note: videos have no audio.


  • Paint Daily - Themes and prompts provided, as well as the stories behind them.
  • Learn/Practice Watercolor - I'll share my tips and tricks on my favorite medium. Five videos of my process included each week!
  • Immerse ourselves into Paris - a virtual trip! Each week we dive into a different aspect of Paris - a city with so much history, so much to see, and taste!


  1. Parisian Food - think colorful macarons, croissants - a food tour! We practice watercolor basics and then build upon our skills as the program progresses.
  2. The Architecture/Elements of the City - Views from your room, the Eiffel Tower, the iconic cafe. No straight lines required! We learn so much when we venture outside of our comfort zones.
  3. The Masters - the inspiring windmills, Degas’s dancers, Monet’s water lilies and Monet’s color palette. I learned so much!
  4. The Palace of Versailles - shadows in the garden, reflecting pools, gold, so much gold! And Marie Antoinette’s flowers. A great exercise in noticing the details in a place with so much detail!

The program is 4 weeks, but feel free to work at your own pace. You'll have access to all the materials throughout 2021.

For personal use only.
All copyright and intellectual rights belong to Eileen McKenna. You are granted a non exclusive, non transferable license to use the program. You may not resell or share the program. You may not share the links or passwords.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

© 2021 Eileen McKenna. All Rights Reserved.

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