Ready to get started in watercolor?

This guide is for you!

Learn the fundamentals. Practice with exercises & projects. Discover a love of watercolor!
Watercolor is a fun and convenient medium that requires little setup. There are a few basic principles to understand and after that the sky's the limit!
Start your watercolor journey today!

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What's in the guide

The Fundamentals of Watercolor

Wet vs. Dry Painting
Creating Watercolor Tints
Bleeding and Blooms
Building up the Layers
The Color Wheel
Mixing Colors
Creating Shades with Complementary Colors
Plus: Exercises and painting projects that walk you through and build upon the fundamentals of watercolor.

5 Painting Projects

Starfish Painting
Birch Tree Forest Painting
Ice Cream Cones Painting
Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake Illustration
Seascape Painting

Start your watercolor journey today!

My Story

I started painting in watercolor about twelve years ago when I enrolled in a class. A few years later – during the early days of my blog "My Creative Resolution" – I gave myself the freedom to explore any and all mediums. I grew bored of using pencil in my sketchbook and pulled out my watercolor paints. I never put them away again! Watercolor has been a focus of mine ever since.

The purpose of this guide is to get you started, so you can discover a love of watercolor just as I did. Follow this guide, give it time and practice, and you’ll be an experienced watercolor artist in no time!