Hi, I'm Eileen, an art educator and watercolor artist. I love sharing my passion for painting. I designed a variety of lessons that enable you to learn and practice techniques, while allowing you to create successful final paintings. Browse my books, tutorials and worksheets and kickstart your creative journey today.

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new children's picture book

The Claddagh Fairy

Anna's Grandpa gives her an Irish Claddagh ring. He sends her a jewelry box from Ireland with a fairy inside. Anna's ring brings the fairy to life and teaches Anna an important lesson about friendship, loyalty and love.

This illustrated picture book will delight children as they learn about Anna's grandpa's homeland Ireland and the meaning of the Irish Claddagh ring.

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St. Patrick's Day Fun

instructional art books

learn to paint

Beginner Watercolor Exploration Guide

Ready to get started in watercolor?

Learn the fundamentals. Practice with exercises & projects. Discover a love of watercolor. Watercolor is a fun and convenient medium that requires little setup. There are a few basic principles to understand and after that the sky's the limit! Learn more here.

build creative habits

Creative Exploration

Looking to inject creativity into your life?

Find inspiration, explore mediums and subjects and find your "thing" with Creative Exploration.

  • A step by step process for introducing regular creativity for six weeks and beyond.
  • Worksheets for taking stock of your creative goals, history, past hurdles.
  • Worksheet for organizing and prioritizing all of your creative ideas.
  • Over 30 creative tips to keep you on track.
  • A detailed process for introducing you to different mediums – with flexibility for your interests.

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Shading Worksheet

Color Wheel Full Color and Black and White

Color Mixing Worksheets