teaching philosophy

In How Successful Artists Study, Samuel Adoquei stated, “The art student has no idea of all the wonderful things he could achieve had he realized earlier that to learn more is to know more and that knowing more will help him do more things easily and that the more things the artist does the greater the chance that some of the things will hit the bull’s eye.”

This quote encapsulates the essence of my teaching philosophy. The potential of every student is unknown and limitless. As an art teacher I think of myself as a cheerleader. Meeting students where they are and providing encouragement and instruction that suits their ability and needs. I know from my own experience as a young art student we sometimes doubt ourselves. The risk is that a student will say, “I’m not good at art” and give up. My goal is to create a positive environment in the art room, where students feel free to try new things, practice, and reach new heights. Encouraging students and building their creative confidence is at the core of my teaching philosophy.

lesson prototypes

student artwork

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