teaching experience

South Shore Art Center — Lead Art Instructor
Bellmore, NY • July 2018 - present

  • Teach K-6th grade Drawing/Painting classes.
  • Develop lesson plans for eight week long acrylic on canvas painting projects.
  • Design/teach mixed media projects for summer art camps.

Hofstra University Museum of Art — Museum Educator
Hempstead, NY • September 2021 - December 2023

  • Researched upcoming exhibitions and collection artifacts for use in programs.
  • Developed curriculum and lesson plans.
  • Focused on object based learning using an art and inquiry approach.
  • Encouraged critical thinking, visual acuity and use of descriptive language.
  • Primary teacher for school programs including:
    ART Travelers program: Introduced third graders to communities around the world through cultural artifacts. Led classroom and museum visits. Created artifact based lesson plans and art activities. Worked with 580 students from eight school districts.
    ART Explorers/Exhibition based visits: Led third-fifth grade classes and community groups through current art exhibitions. Created lesson plans with coordinating art activities for changing exhibitions. Worked with 800 students from Elmont and Hempstead.

teaching philosophy

In How Successful Artists Study, Samuel Adoquei stated, “The art student has no idea of all the wonderful things he could achieve had he realized earlier that to learn more is to know more and that knowing more will help him do more things easily and that the more things the artist does the greater the chance that some of the things will hit the bull’s eye.”

This quote encapsulates the essence of my teaching philosophy. The potential of every student is unknown and limitless. In a previous class I had to come up with one word that encompassed my teaching philosophy. I picked “encouraging.” As an art teacher I think of myself as a cheerleader. Giving students the tools and knowledge of how to use those tools. Telling them they can do it. Meeting students exactly where they are and offering the instruction and encouragement that suits their ability level and needs. I know from my own experience as a young art student, we often doubt ourselves. The risk is that a student will say, “I’m not good at art” and give up. My mission is to combat this by equipping them with skills, deepening the skills they have, and adding to their positive art making experiences.

As Adoquei stated, “to learn more is to know more,” which in turn will help you do things more easily. A student’s ability is not set in stone. Our job as art educators is to create a positive environment in the art room, where students feel free to try new things, practice, and reach new heights. Encouraging them and cheering students on is at the core of my teaching philosophy.

lesson prototypes